Chess Elmer

The Details

Name: Chess Elmer

Location: Lanyon Plaza

Created by: Brendan Jamison

Sponsor: KPMG

Design Inspiration

The game of chess originated in India in the 7th Century, a country renowned for its resepect for elephants, not only aiding the construction industry but also playing a key role in special ceremonies whereby the elephant is adorned in vibrant colours. ‘Chess Elmer’ celebrates the richness of this culture in a fun and playful fashion, imbuing the optimism and magic of colour. Pink chess pieces moves across green fields in a chequered landscape, under a bright blue sky and the warm glow of a yellow sun, radiating beams of happiness out into the world…

About the Artist

Born in Belfast in 1979, Brendan Jamison is an international sculptor, becoming famous two decades ago for his pioneering rechnique of creating carved sugar cube sculptures. He has enjoyed commissions all around the world from LA to New York, Berlin to Bejing, Kiev to Dubai… Career highlights include commissions for Vogue Italia, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the front door of Number 10 Downing Street. Jamison often works in a variety of bright coloured materials ranging from large wool sculptures to small wax works.

Find out more at: brendanjamison.comTwitter | Facebook | Instagram

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