Elmer in Northern Ireland

The Details

Name: Elmer in Northern Ireland

Location: City Quay 2

Created by: Julie Lowry

Sponsor: NI Hospice

Design Inspiration

When I was creating my design I wanted to retrain Elmer’s colourful patches. The bright rainbow colours not only symbolise Elmer the Elephant but the rainbow of hope for our country and people during these difficult times. Each patch is my aesthetic representation of a famous place, landmark or aspect of nature associated with Northern Ireland. A great discussion point for all viewers.

About the artists

Julie is a primary school teacher and Mum of 3 who has always loved art. It is a significant part of her life, helping her to relax and destress. She loves to share this love of art with her pupils and her own children are artistic too. Julie paints mainly in watercolour or acrylic but will turn her hand to anything creative.

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Elmer's Big Belfast Trail 2022