Elmer the Titanic Elephant

The Details

Name: Elmer the Titanic Elephant

Location: Elmer HQ

Created by: Angelina Chung

Sponsor: Ryobi

Design Inspiration

To welcome the Elmer elephants trail I decided to design an elephant that contains local historical reference. My concept for the elephant is a painted artwork commemorating the world’s most iconic ship, built here in Belfast, the RMS Titanic. To this day the story of the Titanic attracts global interest. Tourists to our city can visit the shipyards and can easily spend a whole day or more delving into the history of luxury cruise liner at the Titanic museum. Even though it was a devastating tragedy, I’d like to portray this ship as it set off from Belfast, sailing happily on beautiful calm soft waves with swirly puffy clouds wisping by in the skies above, onward towards its destination. I wanted to create a tranquil image of the beautiful ship that set sail on its voyage.

About the artist

Angelina Chung is an Irish/Asian artist that has completed a MFA in the University of Ulster. The use of materials in her artwork is diverse, from wire mesh to concrete sculptures, from perspex glass to wool installations. Her inspiration comes from exploring the materials themselves and development of identity within the social and political environment. Currently she has a home studio and is focusing on ceramic works.

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Elmer's Big Belfast Trail 2022