Elmer The Botanical Elephant

The Details

Name: Elmer The Botanical Elephant

Location: Castle Court, Royal Avenue

Created by: Kerrie McNeill

Design Inspiration

The Botanical Elephant design is based off my interest in plants and the natural world. I have always enjoyed creating artwork based around my love for plants and nature in a colourful, playful way. This piece is no different. I wanted to create a design that reflects my work entirely and there was no better way than using my favourite colours – pink and green to create a botanical tropical forrest pattern all over this giant elephant.

About the Artist

Kerrie McNeill is an illustrator and creative based here in Northern Ireland. Kerrie is a final year student studying Illustration at the Belfast School of Art and is graduating this year. Kerrie’s work is predominantly inspired by colours, patterns and the wolrd around us. Her work usually focuses on bringing positivity and happiness from the smallest things in life. Creating simplistic illustrations using bold colours and patterns has always been at the root of Kerrie’s work. Nature, travelling, interior decor and plants are what Kerrie is passionate about. In her spare time she enjoys visiting new places, going to museums and botanical houses and drawing out in the world!

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