The Setting Sun

The Details

Name: The Setting Sun

Location: Buoy Park / Harbour Marina

Created by: Lauren Martin

Sponsor: Neueda

Design Inspiration

Whatever the day has brought the sun will always set and it will be beautiful. Using the style of stain glass windows I wanted to portray something certain, pure, and eye-catching. Life can often feel like an anxious blur and we do not have control over many things but one thing we know for sure is that the sun will always set and tomorrow is a new opportunity to start over.

About the Artist

Lauren Martin is a painter, digital illustrator and artistic workshop facilitator from Belfast. She creates colourful, bold pieces of work to explore topics such as adulthood, motherhood and mental health. She strives to begin a conversation through her unusual pieces and bring a little bit of hope along the way. She has worked this year alongside organisations such as RSPB NI to create awareness of environmental issues and sustainability in Northern Ireland. She continues to navigate through parenthood and seizes every opportunity in educating vulnerable individuals in the therapeutic benefits of creating art.

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