Titanic Blueprint Tiles

The Details

Name: Titanic Blueprint Tiles

Location: Titanic Slipways

Created by: Hannah Griffin

Sponsor: Ulster University

Design Inspiration

For this design I wanted to incorporate aspects of Belfast’s most iconic landmarks. Naturally, the Titanic sprung to mind. It’s importance to the city historically and it’s industrial appearance drew me to researching earlier images for inspiration. When I stumbled upon the blueprints for the ship, I felt that I could represent them in a more intriguing manner. In the past year, I have grown a love for line work in my art and believed that I could use this passion to represent the plans for the Titanic. I wanted to evoke Elmer’s aesthetic by using different shades of blue squares throughout the piece, as though the character itself was taking on the persona of a massive part of Belfast’s history. The design is chopped and changed for a more interesting overall appearance.

About the Artist

Hannah Griffin is a recently graduated Graphic design and illustration student from Ulster University. She grew up in and is currently based in Belfast. Her work consists of primarily digital artwork but she considers the practical methods equally as important. Throughout her studies she grew a love for symbolically representing a narrative or meaning, often delving into the mythology and history behind a subject. Her work tends to focus on either organic and natural imagery or on precise and consistent line work.

Find out more at: griffinillustration.com| Facebook | Instagram


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