Elmer drops in to visit Edenderry Nursery for Big Belfast Trail

Elmer has been on his travels again! This time our favourite patchwork elephant dropped in to visit the boys and girls at Edenderry Nursery, which is the latest school to join our Learning Herd for Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail in June!

Principal Karen Bovis had a personal and poignant reason for wanting her elephant-astic school to get involved in the event.

Karen told Northern Ireland Hospice: “We are excited to be part of Elmer’s Big Trail!

“For me personally, it is of great significance. In 2016 Elijah – our fourth little baby – was born on 20th June. Things were difficult for Elijah from birth and we spent five months on Clark Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children. Elijah had a mitochondrial disease which also meant that he had heart problems.

“We spent a weekend at the Children’s Hospice with Elijah and his 2 big brothers and sister. We had an amazing time, making such special memories – especially in the swimming pool. We have a HUGE photo on our living room wall of our time all together in the pool there – it is such a special memory for us all.

“Elijah died then in November 2020. The Hospice was so kind to us and especially our other children in the months after losing Elijah.

“When I saw this fundraiser I knew that our school just had to take part – not only is the launch date on 20th June, our wee Elijah’s birthday, but elephants have huge significance for us as a family.

“Throughout Elijah’s short time here, elephants kept appearing everywhere – and he had a little elephant that slept beside him in his cot. Every time we and our friends and family see an elephant we think of our wee Elijah!

“So this was just perfect – 20th June; elephants; NI Children’s Hospice; my wee school taking part – what a combo!”

Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail is set to be a ‘mammoth’ success in Belfast in June, as a herd of uniquely-decorated Elmer sculptures – inspired by David McKee’s best-selling books, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant – will appear across the city for ten weeks.

The family-friendly event, organised by Northern Ireland Hospice in partnership with Wild in Art and Andersen Press, will be completely free for everyone to enjoy.

The Learning Trail is made up of smaller ‘Young Elmer’ sculptures, who will be adopted, designed, and painted by schools and youth groups. The Young Elmers will be displayed alongside the giant sculptures on the trail. Afterwards the elephant will be returned to the school or group to become a lasting memory.

You can join Elmer’s Learning Herd too! Read more here about how you can get involved in Elm

er’s Big Belfast Trail or talk to our team today. For more information about Northern Ireland Hospice click here.


Elmer's Big Belfast Trail 2022