Elmer recently visited his friends at Belfast Zoo

Elmer the Elephant at Belfast Zoo

As part of our online launch Elmer visited his two elephant friends at Belfast Zoo which is a sanctuary for elderly, non-breeding female elephants from difficult backgrounds.

Yhetto and Dhujna are two of these rescue elephants and before Elmer came to Horizon House for our launch event he took a trip up to the zoo.

Alyn Cairns, Manager of the Zoo said,

“We’re delighted to support Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice in launching their upcoming art installation ‘Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail’. We were lucky to have Elmer visit us at Belfast Zoo, where our Asian elephants Yhetto and Dhujna are cared for, and are happy living their retirement together, in a safe and homely habitat.

We can’t wait to see the full exhibition next year as part of the Children’s Hospice 21st birthday, and we would encourage all visitors of the zoo to support the Hospice and welcoming Elmer to Northern Ireland.”

For more information about Elmer visiting Belfast Zoo and Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail click here.

Elmer's Big Belfast Trail 2022