Sandbrook Nursery joins Elmer’s Learning Herd

Sandbrook Nursery celebrate Elmer's Big Belfast Trail

It’s a flurry of excitement with the team at Northern Ireland Hospice this week. So many schools are joining Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail but we had a quick celebration with our very first school joiner. We stopped by Sandbrook Nursery School as they were the first school to join as part of the Learning Programme.

Sandbrook Nursery Principal, Lee-Anne Cromie, said: “Elmer has always been an important part of nursery life. We could not think of a better way to celebrate Elmer than to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

“The children and their families will enjoy taking part in many unique and fun fundraising events and will hopefully raise a great amount for the charity. The opportunity to design our own special Elmer was just too good to miss. We are very excited and really looking forward to our Elmer journey!”

The Learning Trail is an important part of Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail. The Learning Trail is made up of smaller ‘Young Elmer’ sculptures, who will be adopted, designed, and painted by schools and youth groups. The Young Elmers will be displayed alongside the giant sculptures on the trail. Afterwards the elephant will be returned to the school or group to become a lasting memory.

Elmer’s story is one that resonates with children and families alike: in the end, it’s best to
show your true colours. Elmer’s story also shows that it’s ok to sometimes want to be
part of the herd, to ‘fit in’, but ultimately people love you for being unique.

Sandbrook Nursery will soon be receiving a blank Young Elmer sculpture to create their unique design. They are also going to receive a curriculum-linked resource pack to help inspire young minds to get creative and enjoy lots of fun-filled hands-on activities.

Read more here about how you can get involved in Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail or talk to our team today.

Elmer's Big Belfast Trail 2022